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Indie is not about how you dress or what music you listen to, it's about your personality and the way you look at life.

An 'indie' person is someone who is independent and thinks for themselves. They don't follow the latest trends and listen to the latest music to try and fit into mainstream society, they just do what they like.

Indie people only do what they want because they are independant people and like to dress the way they want and listen to whatever music they like etc. However, some like to wear fashion labels, and some like to listen to some songs that are in the charts.

An indie won't go out of their way to be 'different', that is what posers do. An indie is someone who is born with a personality that means they don't fit into other stereotypes, such as emo, chav, mosh, goth, punk etc. Just because they are 'indie', does not mean they only listen to indie music. Some listen to lots of different genres of music.

Some indie people wear clothes that are 'different', they stand out in society with their quirky dress sense. However, some indies just look like your average person, but it's their personality and the way they think that makes them indie.
Observing your average indie person...

Alice: Look at her, she's listening to Escape The Fate..She must be emo.
Kate: But she's not dressed emo, she just looks average.

-Next day-

Alice: Look there she is again, she's listening to Rihanna this time
Kate: WTF...Oh, she must be indie :)
by Potato! December 17, 2010

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