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Is the term used to describe Japanese youth culture who cos-play or 'constume play' on Sundays in the district of Harajuku. Seen as rebels to conformity, Harajuku is a popular place for them to show off their own creations and usually pose for others. Syles include Gothic, Lolita, anime/manga based or futuristic.

-What Gwen Stefani forgets to mention it that many of the best Harajuku girls are actually men- >:D
"Hey Yuki? wanna go down to Harajuku this Sunday? iv just finished my last outfit"

"Gwen Stefani has mangled the Western view of Harajuku girls she can't even pronounce the name properly. HARA-JU-KU not HARASHHUUUKKU. i hope those back up dancers get paid really well.
by Postscript April 14, 2007
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