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A kick ass rock band from Seattle.

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Post Adolescence was formed in‭ ‬2006‭ ‬by lead-singer/guitarist Johnny Straube,‭ ‬bassist Gar Hooker,‭ ‬and drummer Brian McCrossen.‭ ‬Drawing‭ ‬mainly on British influences,‭ ‬Post Adolescence‭ ‬integrates the‭ ‬the crunch of‭ ‬Manic Street Preachers and Placebo,‭ the glamour of ‬T.‭ ‬Rex and David Bowie,‭ ‬and the raw sound‭ ‬of‭ ‬The Clash and Buzzcocks.

The band‭ ‬has just released their debut album‭ "‬My Nothing,‭" ‬and have played shows at both of Seattle‭’‬s‭ ‬Showbox stages to help promote it.‭ ‬Recorded at Seattle‭’‬s London Bridge Studios and mastered by Barry Corliss of Master Works,‭ "‬My Nothing‭" ‬features introspective lyrics of heartbreak and loss,‭ ‬balanced with up-beat pop anthems.

Recently added to the line-up are Mark Clem and Adrian Garver,‭ ‬who trade off on guitars and keyboards.‭ ‬They have provided a springboard for the band to bring a fresh but familiar sound to new songs in the works.
Post Adolescence members are Johnny Straube - Guitar, Vocals / Gar Hooker - Bass, Vocals / Brian McCrossen - Drums / Mark Clem - Guitar, Keys, Vocals / Adrian Garver - Guitar, Keys

Management: Lisa McLernon (UK/Europe) - lisa.mclernon@live.co.uk
by Post Adolescence Band January 25, 2011

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