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A unit of measure - the distance a dog can drag it's butt across the floor. This term can thus be used to describe any short distance.
"Can you move over a scootch or two?"

"I think they are several scootches ahead of us"

"Wow! look how far Rover scootched on the new rug!"
by Posing A Threat September 20, 2009
As coined by Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby. Hungry Clackers describes the way pants will ride up into your crotch while walking if you have large thighs that rub together.

'Clackers' is a pleasant reference to the external female genitalia. The 'hungry' part is referring to the way it kinda seems like the crotch is trying to stuff as much of the pants into itself as it can. This is not dissimilar to how one would shove a large amount of food into their mouth when hungry.
"While i enjoy the idea of a stroll along the beach, I am afraid my hungry clackers are making the reality of a long walk quite unpleasant".

"woah check out my hungry clackers; my regular length pants just became 3/4 pants"
by Posing A Threat May 14, 2010
When a person feels a high level of anxiety at having to use the telephone; a phobic response to making calls possibly due to social awkwardness.
Steve - "The boss told me to call our whole client list, but faced with all those people to phone I started to hyperventilate."
Jess - "Woah dude, you have a case of phonophobia big time."

2. I knew I had to call up my insurance company and complain, but I started dreading the awful hold music and my phonophobia got the better of me.
by Posing A Threat June 14, 2012

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