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Someone that tries to follow whatever some one else that they admire does. They are fake to them selves. They are something they are not that is whay people hate them. Also because they are extremly annoying. They don't have a life besides being soemthing that is fake. My advice to posers be who you are. If you are really ghetto and trying to follow the HXC style be ghetto. Thats being true to yourself. Dont try to act emo when you really hate it inside. If you feel alone and helpless then try something that you truly enjoy. If the popular Clique in your school is prep and you try to be prep your going to be misrable inside because thats what you are not. Be true to yourself thats the key to happiness.
If yur really and emo kid be an emo kid stop trying to be punk! If you like Good Charlotte like them even though they are poser rock.
by Poser, Fake, Untrue, False June 21, 2006

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