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(In Japan) Men who appear to have the same style sense as metrosexuals, but are not aggressive in love or careers. While they do spend more on clothes and body-care products, they are not big consumers and would avoid trendy restaurants and high priced entertainment. They keep to themselves and seem to eschew competition.
A: Taro doesn't seem to get out much.
B: He is a herbivore.
by Poruchan April 20, 2010
A person with a bisexual dispostion that cannot act on his or her impulses due to a lack of energy, strength, or courage.
Bob: All Paul talks about are blowjobs.
Peter: If he weren't such a nambisexual, I'm sure he'd give you one.
by Poruchan March 29, 2011
One who interprets something wrongly (especially words) to ones advantage or personal gain.
Texas Politician: My words were willfully misinterpreted by my political enemies. They are misconstrupreneurs for the Obama administration.
by Poruchan June 18, 2010
To be at the level of poverty where one cannot afford to buy, keep, or maintain a cell phone.
A: What's your cell number?
B: I'm phone-broke, man. You'll have to call me on my land line.
by Poruchan June 10, 2010
a person who converts or attempts to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another for money; a lobbyist
Tourist 1: Let's visit K Street and check out the proselytutes!
Tourist 2: I thought selling sex was illegal in the US.
Tourist 1: Not at all, mind-fucking is perfectly legal!
by Poruchan July 29, 2011

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