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A town on the North Shore of Long Island. Home to a lot of antique stores, a town dock, an annual Harborfest, bandshell etc. Seems very quaint, though really quite boring. Probably the most ethnically and financially of the surrounding towns, (Manhasset, Roslyn, Great Neck), which is not saying much. The last stop on the Port Washington - Penn Station LIRR, so you may have been here if you were drunk at 2 o'clock in the morning and fell asleep. Very good school district, though the budget was voted down this year due to an increasing amount of seniors. Though not the most interesting place on earth, it's not a terrible place to live since there are 2 movie theaters, some coffee shops, a couple of thrift stores, a library with a really nice cd collection, a new record store, and it's about a 45 minute train ride to manhatten without having to transfer at Jamacia.
Person 1: I'm from Port Washington.

Person 2: Oh, I ended up there once when I was drunk and fell asleep on the train.

Person 1: Yeah, a lot of people do.

by PortW January 07, 2006

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