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The incorrect way of spelling "ho". Ho comes from "hooker" It isnt spelled "hoeker".
Goobs, if you knew what you were talking about, then you would know that it is spelled ho, not hoe.
by Porrazzo January 25, 2009
A huge penis. A penis all the girls want. It gives the woman an ability to orgasm!
Look up in the sky! Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO! Its Superdick!!
by porrazzo January 25, 2009
Chalkzone is an old show on nickelodeon. It features rudy taboody, a lonely, hairy goober kid with buck teeth. One day, he finds magic chalk and draws an "O" on the chalkboard. He sees a world on the other side, called chalkzone, and meets his old drawing, Snap, masturbating.

Rudy: Whoa, what is this place?
Snap: This is chalkzone, a place where all your erased chalkboard drawings show up.
by Porrazzo February 02, 2009
One who is from Los Angeles, derived from Los Angeles.
See that guy over there? He's a Los Angelan
by porrazzo January 20, 2009
When every athlete is tired and thirsty after a hard work out and the entire team swarms around the water jugs to grab some water first.
Hey Reyes, stop grazin! Seniors go first!
by Porrazzo January 15, 2009
A combination of certain drinks. it contains mountain dew, chocolate milk, raw eggs, gatorade, and Monster energy. It gives one the ability to go completely insane and energized, and makes the average athlete become superb at the sport they play.
Little Peyton was sick of being weak, so he took some G-Rade and eventually became the future quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.
by Porrazzo January 20, 2009
A pik is a comb for a the African American's afro. They use this to make their afro larger. There are also other types of piks. A few of them are Cake Cutter, Fan Pik, and a few others. They are not spelled "picks". White people have confused the term's spelling because they are not black, never were black, and never will be black.
DeVaughn: Yo my homie let me use ya pik!!

Cierre: Man here ya go!!
by Porrazzo April 03, 2009
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