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When a group of males line up and insert their penises into a female's ass one after another.
Stephen: Yo, I herd that Lindsay road a bus.
Ryan: I know, I ran it.
Stephen: Damn you ran a bus on that hoe!
by Porntoy January 27, 2009
country of origin: Equador
based on the english word: Slippery
1. A term used to descibe the evasiveness (ablilty to run away or escape) from the police.
Stephen:I herd there was some good cush at that party last night.
Parker:I know man I had some.
Stephen:I herd the five-o busted it, man!
Parker:I ran my ass the fuck (8.) out of that house.
Stephen: Damn soulja, you mad slip-ray!
by Porntoy August 08, 2009
A party or smoke out that has a blunt rolled at all times.
Arseniy: That party last night was crazy.
Stephen: That shit had a "phoenix blunt".
Arseniy: I know there was legit a blunt rolled the whole time.
Stephen:WTAF it was great.
by Porntoy September 06, 2011
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