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A concuction of shit and homosexuality mixed together inside a plastic frame. Normally exists for roughly half a year until the shit and homosexuality begin to stop functioning. Very vunerable to the 'blue screen of death'.
Conor: "Oh, i think i'll play some War Rock, then download some music"

Dell: "Having a spaz and then shuts down then gives you a load of code bullshit with a blue backround".

Conor: "Oh, the problem appears to be the printer driver, lets hold f12 when we turn the computer on and fix the computer like any other system, then I will restart".

Dell: "Having even more of a spaz".

Conor then takes the computer to Somalia to show the poor kids what this 'internet thing is' but they dont want it because everyone, LITERALLY everyone (even poor brainless Somalian kids) hate Dell.
by Pornhub.com July 27, 2009

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