2 definitions by Porlus

The resltant gooey mess, that explosively manifests itself, following vigorous self-agitation, or by one or more females performing acts of extreme jollity upon ones bodily parts.

Spunk, Guy Goo, Semen, Josh
For her Crimble Snowstorm, I called up the best Gentlemes Relish I had to offer.

She said "Thank you kind sir for such a selfless act of generosity in supplying my tidy little pussy with so much gentlemens relish." To which I replied "No worries lass!"
by Porlus December 03, 2007
Christmas, the festive period.
I loved the Crimble Pudding at that posh restaurant.
She was all tinselaged to the chair, so I had to give her a crimble snowstorm.
by Porlus December 03, 2007

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