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1. A showy individual, usually a homosexual, who tries to get attention through a public exhibition of various bizarre garmets.

2. A man acting in a womanly fashion.

3. A pinko.

4. Someone overly fastidious and annoying.
1. "Hey Gus, get a load of that froufrou there. Looks like the circus is back in town"

2. Frank: "I'm so, so sorry dahl but my nails arent dry yet"
Jeff: "You're such a froufrou!"

3. Political leader: "... and as of next year all of the pinko froufrous will be shot and buried in a mass grave."

4. Wilkins: "People call me annoying, but they have no idea how much time it takes to do my hair."
Neighbor: "Wilkins, if you don't shut up I will go there and introduce you to my fist you freakin' froufrou."
by Porkyavik akh Mootz December 21, 2005
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