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A man's genitalia, e.g. cock and balls.
Damn, man...that baseball just hit me in my stuff.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
This phrase is usually used as "You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!", meaning that however much a person apologizes, their apology will not be accepted. Made popular by George in the Seinfeld "India" episode.
Jerry: George, I'm sorry I slept with Nina.

George: You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!

Jerry: I wish you'd quit saying that!
by Pork King November 09, 2005
A metaphor for deep trouble, usually one is said to be up shit creek without a paddle.
I just killed my roommate and I don't have an alibi...I'm up shit creek without a paddle.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
literally, Birth Control Glasses. The glasses issued to new recruits in the military, so called because no girl would want to have sex with men wearing these ugly, ugly glasses.
Wow, newly shaved head and BCG's. I'll never have sex with those new recruits.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
A horrible person that cares for no one but himself/herself. Usually cheats, steals, stabs-in-the-back.
That guy stole my girlfriend and ran over my dog. Man, he's a sonovabitch.
by Pork King May 01, 2003
Usually reserved for jobs or activities that require hardhats. "Two turles fucking" is when a person takes off his/her hardhat and swiftly brings it down on top of another's hardhat still on other's head. It doesn't hurt like being cracked in the head, but it stings a bit and jars one's brain.
Worker: "Hey, ever heard two turtles fucking?"

New Guy: "No, what do they sound like?"

(Worker executes "two turtles fucking)

New Guy: "Owwww!"
by Pork King October 13, 2005
Abbreviation for First Person Shooter", a video game in which the player sees from the perpective of the main game character, or in the "first person". These games usually involve some type of weapon, usually a gun, of which the end of the barrel can usually be seen at the bottom of the screen, as if the player is looking down the gun.
Some examples of F.P.S.'s include Battlefield 1942, Half-Life, Doom (perhaps being the most famous, and arguably the first real F.P.S), Red Faction, and the Medal of Honor series.
by Pork King April 03, 2006

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