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A girl who will do anything to make her friends smile. She is a listener. She hates to talk about herself because it makes her feel selfish. Adinas always want to help but sometimes want to be alone. She doesn't like to talk about her problems but she has them. If you ask an Adina if she is ok she will lie and say she is fine even if she isn't. Even though she lies she feels special when someone asks. Adinas are insecure and say they hate when people call her beautiful but actually she loves it. She falls easily so don't break her heart. If you have her don't let her go... Ever.
'Are you ok?'
Adina: ' yeah. I'm fine'
'Adina. Tell me the truth'
Adina: ok. I'm not fine. I need to talk with you.
by Popular girl October 15, 2013
By reading all of the definitions of Goth below, I have concluded that, in addition to the traditional meanings of the word Gothic, the "goths" of today are people fixated on thinking they are somehow unique, admirable and special while ripping off a style popularized ~20 years ago. Kind of hard to be unique with seven BILLION people on the planet, but I bet yo mama thinks your black clothes, eye-liner and pierced brow r cute!
Didn't that Goth look die 20 years ago?
by Popular Girl February 16, 2006
Popular girls get popular because of other little nerds that talk about them all the time. They're not always mean but they eventually become mean just because other people gossip about them. They hang out with the cutest guys in school, have the hottest clothes, and are the prettiest most of the time. They're not as bad as everyone says they're actually prety nice. Stop hating popular girls just because they are wayyyyy better than you jerks!
Geeky Girl 1: Omg shes sooo stuck up!
Geeky Girl 2: I know, right? Like I heard that she says that she's a model and I've seen her in a couple of ads but like still..its not that big of a deal..
In reality these nerds know nothing about the popular girls even though they pretend they do..
by Popular Girl April 20, 2008

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