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1 definition by PoppaLuv

1. a creative and vivid term for a homo or fag.
Holes are for fucking and since strait men don't get fucked, the manhole makes the distinction clear. Derogatory towards gays? I don't know. It's just a word, but words are fun.
2. mmmm, sweet male anus. yummy!
"aaaawww, fucking manholes" - useful for pointing out groups of homos.
"oooo, you sexy manhole, you!" - good for getting the romance started.
"You actin like a bitch. Maybe you need a cock in your manhole." - shit talking
"I wanna open up your manhole and have an adventure in your sewers." - gay sexy talk

In general, a very versatile word, good for adding color to your speech.
by PoppaLuv July 03, 2005