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a crazy baby see fucko
"hey guys have you seen Cucko today.. oh just kidding... hes right here haha cucko..dear where are you.oh thats right your an egg. i thought i told you not to come with me to school today FUCKO."
by Popcorninthebestcatever March 31, 2007
fucko is a word you call someone when you dont like them but you still may have to act like you do. cucko can be used in place of the word fucko when speaking around teachers adults.. aka people who will bug you for saying the word fuck. even tho fucko is not the same as fuck. its an act against authority. make them think they cant hear right. fuckos
when yelling accross the room to piss your teachers off be sure to say" hey whats up FUCKO" (really loud) and then when they call you out or whatever just tell them you said cucko. the name of your baby egg project.
by Popcorninthebestcatever March 31, 2007

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