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1 definition by PopBottles

The best place to be on the Jersey Shore. Inbetween white fuc*in trash Keansburg and rich filth Holmdel. Hazlet itself has its own little communities, such as West Keansburg, where everybody fights for anybody, and Raritan Valley, the upper middle class neighborhood where you can find crack fiends and Dodge Vipers. The cool thing to do in Hazlet on weekends is drink as much as you can without the worry of cops because they don't care. Everyone is preppy, gangsta, or emo/skater. No inbetweens. All the girls in high school wear is tight shirts exposing their tits and short skirts or tight jeans with their thongs hanging out. Best things to do are drink, smoke mad blunts, and have sex with random girls from whatever town is close. When you're from Hazlet, you can get pussy from anywhere. Best fuckin town on the East Coast.
person 1: yo let's fuck that kid up

person 2: we can't. he's from hazlet. he'll fuck us up and THEN fuck our girlfriend.
by PopBottles March 20, 2008