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A riff on the archaic definition of sketch:

1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.

An outline, where not all of the elements are completely clear or known; can refer to a person, place, object or experience; frequently refers to a shady element, something hidden and potentially dangerous; often refers to being up too long on speed and the loss of clarity that comes with sleep deprivation
Are you sure you want to give your car keys to Patrick, he seems a little sketchy.

Gurl, I was fine on day three, but day four was a little sketchy.

Angel is full-on sketchy; she would steal the teeth out of your grandmother’s mouth if she thought she wouldn’t get caught.
by Pop Tart January 12, 2005
To demean and belittle in a soothing and pleasant fashion.
I thought my boss was about to give me a raise the way he was talking so nice to me, but then he turned and krebesed me and gave me the axe!.
by Pop Tart January 27, 2005
VERB : To sing along to sappy 80s soft rock tunes in a mournful manner.

VERB, slang: To knock a body part off of a shelf.
Greg bizarroed all the way up to Wisconsin and back.

Slang: I was ok until he bizarroed my bladder.
by Pop Tart January 27, 2005

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