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a stubborn person who likes star wars and lord of the rings and drinks waaaay too much and is extremely charismatic
DUDE! you're SUCH a willour!
by poopy pants November 19, 2003
Another name for Ebay

See Ebay
Look at this laptop I bought off of Loserbay! It's not a laptop at all... it's a cigar box disguised as a laptop... Wow! I paid 500 dollars for a cigar box! I love Loserbay!
by Poopy Pants January 02, 2005
1. to thrive on sex
2. the sensation of extreme hornyness
3. craving naughty things for your pet cyclops
"she was feeling quite fuckadickily"
by poopy pants April 19, 2003
a girl who loves sipping chocolate milk and oscar the grouch. She is in love with her mormon girlfriend, cynthiazya, and loves nsync... only the first cd, of course.
holy cow! that tiarra girl is way bad! she is soo phat and has a nice round, bubbly @$$!!!! I think I am in love with that chica.
by poopy pants May 18, 2004
to laser talk someone to the point where earbleeding may occur. To repeat stories or phrases just so you know that everyone on earth knows you said it. To be totally plutonic with a girl so that she will regard you as a girlfriend and not a man, forsaking your manhood and the existance of your penis.
Dude, he's so gay, he's plachta.
That guy is like plachta, no way he's getting a bid.
Mike plachta has a baby dick.
by Poopy pants January 19, 2005
blahblah blah, hibillybibilly, etc...
by poopy pants December 30, 2002
The scummy folk who like to pave driveways, have seemingly incestuous relationships with their sister or cousin, and eat large soft pretzels which they find on the sidewalk or in the trash can at the local Giant Eagle. The gypsy women sport big teased hairdoos and the male of the species usually sports a mullet and wear pointed-toe boots and wife beaters. Old Gypsy women have, what's best described as, "teased out" hairdoos that are so thin, that you can see their scalps.

Gypsies can be found in packs at night, stealing valuable metal, such as copper wiring and aluminum siding, which they later sell at the metal scrap yards.
MAN! I've never seen a dump truck with mag wheels! Thoses gypsies kick ass!

Look at that dude kissing his sister... I think he's a gypsy.

Hey! Where are my gutters? Where is my aluminum siding? Why is my driveway freshly paved? I think we were attacked by gypsies last night!

Look! Here come some gypsies! Quick, hide your soft pretzel under your shirt so they don't see it!
by Poopy Pants February 01, 2005

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