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That chick on American Idol who looks like Shrek.
Look! It's Skrek's daughter, Shrekette Dolittle!!! She sure can sing!!!!!
#shrek #american idol #singing #pop star #awesome
by Poopy Dick April 18, 2007
The topical application or insertion of an alcohol-soaked sponge (in)to the anus.
Lunchbox: Hey, do you guys have a sponge and some vodka?
Court: Why? You need to get drunk before you clean the bathroom?
Lunchbox: No, you cunt munchkin, I want to do a Butt Shot and then bang out your mom raw-dog-Lewy style!
#sponge #vodka #anus #drunk #butt #shot #raw-dog #cunt munchkin
by Poopy Dick April 18, 2007
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