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When the area of the butt cheeks are simply infected with large amount of blistering white heads.
That hermaphrodite has a bad case of "Acne Ass".
by Pooper Scooper October 19, 2003
a hot mobile that only cool people, like Ram and the Alias Mom and Alan drive in when they want to show off there godly coolness.
Hey boo, check it out, the coolest cat around named Ram is driving a hot new yichmobile
by Pooper Scooper April 11, 2003
Eng. - when one splooges repetivitly in one spot to from a castle of jiz. over time this hardens to form a upsidedown cone much like a stalagmite in a cave. One could enjoy playing with one, having splooge wars, or using it for erotic pleasures with someone from massachusetts.
Damnit my girlfriend left shit on my white castle.

Dude if you were hungry you could have gone to the fridge, i have been working on that for a year.
by Pooper scooper November 21, 2004
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