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A gargantuan turd of epic proportions that is long enough to actually stick out of the water like the head of the 'real' loch ness monster. (Must be a solitary log-type poop)
"Babe, call the news...i've spotted the loch ness monster swimming in our toilet..."
by Poop-doggy-dog April 13, 2009
The act of having two poops stuck in the toilet and both are fighting to get through the drain (with neither of them winning). Very similar to a singular log jam, but twice at bad.
"Dude you are never going to believe this - the other day i was taking a shit and my worst nightmare came true...i looked down and saw a double log jam; not just one stuck turd, but TWO! I panicked...i didn't know what to do so i called left it there for the next guy."
by Poop-doggy-dog April 13, 2009

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