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4 definitions by Poonsweat

1> the stuff in your goatee after eating a pooseta
2> what is left in your GF's panties after finger jaming her
3> The baddest xbox live player on Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike
she wouldnt kiss me cause i had poonsweat on my chin; damn poonsweat killed me again
by poonsweat January 03, 2006
13 3
A pair of pants or shorts with a zipper or hole in the back. Making insertion of genitalia easier.
Did you guys see her pants today? It looks like there is a Trap door there.
by Poonsweat August 15, 2007
8 5
The art of fisting a chick from the rear (like noodling for catfish) while drawing drawing cat whiskers on her face with a permanent marker and talking with a massachusetts accent.
My girlfriend was asking about noodling in Tennessee, so i gave her a Nantucket Noodler.
by Poonsweat June 11, 2007
7 17
The art of shoving your hand in a woman's hole like fishing for catfish while talking with a northern accent and drawing cat whiskers on her face
She was curious about noodling, and me being from Boston, i gave her the Nantucket Noodler.
by Poonsweat June 14, 2007
2 17