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1. a poon which is shaved
2. a vagina which is bald
3. a girl who has been around the block

The poon is shaved for a few reasons. One the girl does not like hair and shaved her vagina along with other typical shaved areas. Two the female's partner does not like hair. Or the female would like to be eaten out by another female or a male and it is often considered disrespectful not to shave a pussy for an eat out
Mary: I ate some of the best shaved poon last night.
Jen: Really? You'll have to invite me next time
by Poonspert May 12, 2004
1. a poon which is hairy
2. a vagina which is unshaven
3. a tight vagina

While not enjoyed by alot of people, the hairy poon is often a sign of virginity and innocence. Younger girls do not shave their poon because they have not been pressured into doing so by a boyfriend or other friends. The Hairy Poon is often tighter than the shaved poon, therefore offering a better ride
Meg's hairy poon was the best ride you will ever have
by Poonspert May 10, 2004
1. a vagina or poon which is wet
2. a pussy which is wet from arousal

SEE ALSO slick slit
She had such a wet poon my dick slid right in
by Poonspert May 13, 2004
1. anything which tightens the vagina see kegel or kegel excercise
2. the act of inserting your penis into a female's anus in order to tighten her vagina, poon
3. the act of inserting any object, dildo, vibrator, vegetable, etc. into a female's anus in order to tighten her vagina, poon
I gave her the old poon tightener and she was screemin so loud, but the ride was so slick up front and behind
by Poonspert May 12, 2004
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