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When a person of a different race other than an actual Puerto Rican displays actions of or relating to that of a real Puerto Rican and can speak fluent Spanish
Mamacita- I love rice and beans
Poonkin- You are "such a puerto rican"

When a person cant help but notice the hispanic section in a grocery store
by Poonkin October 06, 2009
When someone does something that takes creepy to another level or says something totally off the wall.
Blue- Do you think this book is good for someone in surgery

Red- yea its ok why whos in surgery
Blue- My girl
Red- Oh what hospital
Blue- I dont know i will find out
Red- I think that i'll go stop by say hi and give her some flowers do you think that she'll like that
Blue- Yea but thats "Major Creepage"
by Poonkin October 19, 2009
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