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1. The ghetto way to hold items on the top of a car as you transport them.

2. The reverse reach-around to fondle the female genitalia whilst getting head.
Reference to definition 1.-We didn't have any rope or twine, so we all sat in the back of the SUV and used the mexican ratchet strap to hold the mattress secure to the top of the moving vehicle.

Reference to definition 2.-I gave her the mexican ratchet strap and ran my hand down her back, around the dirt star, to fondle the poon while she was sucking on ol' dad.
by Poonberry Associates August 21, 2009
The lewd act of suddenly blowing air into the vagina of a female sexual partner during oral sex, making a sudden expulsion of said air. Can occur on a continuum, ranging from loose (much like the 'bronx cheer'), or tight (much like how a student is taught to play a brass instrument), where the vagina blows back with equitable force.
As he chomped on her snatch, he decided to spice it up with a Saskatchewan Satchmo. He tightened his lips, pressed them firmly against hers, took a deep breath, and worked that hole like Satchmo workin a crowd at the Cotton Club.
by Poonberry Associates December 28, 2010
An oral sex maneuver that requires the giver to spread their tongue as large as possible by pressing it against the lower lip and teeth, thereby increasing the surface area of the tongue to provide maximum genital coverage.
I went in to give her the french lisp, and that pussy was so tight I licked her leg to leg!
by Poonberry Associates October 04, 2013
Another name for a secret affair that is greatly sought after... much like that represented in Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic work: The Scarlet Letter.
We snuck back to the hotel, and I tore that ass up... I mean balls deep in the minister's cat till she was singing the Hallelujah chorus!
by Poonberry Associates January 16, 2013
The all-organic/green version of a fifi. Commonly made by cutting/tearing the navel out of an orange (or other citrus), microwaving for 30 seconds, and performing masturbatory actions until climax.
We got so many oranges this Christmas, I had to hit the citoris to get rid of some of 'em!
by Poonberry Associates December 22, 2013

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