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adjective: 1. To get cheated or taken advantage of over something that is out of one's control

2. To feel taken advantage of in an under-handed, immoral way

3. To get completely drunk and then expel the remainders by means of explosive diarrhea the next day.

4. Someone who is sodomized by either a penis or a foreign object to such a degree that it tears the lining of the anus.

butt hose; butt hosed,

noun: a hose that is inserted into the anus in order to give a colon cleanse.
Dude, I got totally butt hosed today man. My car was parked within the lines of the street where it was legal to park, and that cock-sucker meter maid wrote me a $100 ticket anyways!

Did you see that drunk slut get butt hosed by that dude last night in our living room?! There was blood everywhere!!

The Dallas Cowboys got butt hosed by the Minnesota Vikings in the game the other night: a complete blow-out. Wasn't that fucking hilarious to watch?!

I got completely cocked last night off of a liter or Rum and jerked off in the bushes. Awesome times no doubt, but my gut is rocked today. I totally butt hosed the toilet this morning and there's shit everywhere!
by Pooky Jenkins February 04, 2010

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