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An ejaculation occuring during a moment of extreme hunger; this results in a particuarly high alkaline content, meaning that the cumshot will sting slightly, especially when placed on raw skin.
Dammit, that one was a razmo
by PooMister December 10, 2010
A Scrotum Shell is generally seen as a very hard ball-sack. The most common reason for this is when a man (or woman) ejaculates upon the ball-sack, rubs it in, and leaves it to dry overnight. Upon inspection in the morning, the ball-sack should have a shiny, hard layer, although this depends on the constitution of the semen.
That girl was rubbing my scrotum shell all night
by PooMister November 15, 2010
To do a powerturd is to 1) strain so hard whilst trying to shit that your eyballs fall out 2) to spray diahorrea up your girlfriends left nostril whilst assuming the 69 position.
You just got powerturd
by PooMister November 12, 2010

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