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To be invited to a girls house under platonic pretenses, only to be guilt-tripped into having sex with her. Usually arranged by overweight girls with self-esteem issues or psycho ex-girlfriends who won't let go. Similar to a sympathy fuck.
"I'd really like it if you came over, Matt. You can come for the food and stay for the pie!"
by Pontianak December 06, 2003
The act of having anal sex, primarily the penetration of the rectum.
"After Jamie gave me head, I proceeded to pleasure her with a dirtbox invasion"
by Pontianak December 06, 2003
A sum of money that the elderly have to pay for funeral care. Can also be used to describe a really large sum of money to be owed to someone.
"Mr. Rogers had to pay for his final expenses early because he had cancer"

"Like hell I owe Harvey 800 bucks, thats final expenses for me"
by Pontianak December 06, 2003
A glass tube that holds a small plastic flower. Sold for novelty purposes at gas stations, the flower is substituted with chore boy, and is used to make a crack pipe.
"Dan broke my pipe, I need to run to Amoco and get a flower"
by Pontianak December 06, 2003
A stack of incomplete work or documents on a co-workers desk. Items that enter the shitpile seldom get done, or they get done after the deadline, frustrating the fuck out of everyone.
"Is that the Jones report? That's low priority, so just throw it on the shit-pile"
by Pontianak December 06, 2003
Acronym for Fat Fucking Pig. Used to describe someone who calls themself a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), but has no redeeming qualities at all.
"She's not a BBW, she's an FFP!"
by Pontianak December 06, 2003
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