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Another term for keeping it real, not being fake. Down to earth, not forgetting where you came from.
Everytime I see that dude, no matter how much money he has he's keeping it real, and thatzreal
by Pongdadong October 27, 2007
Keeping it real another way of saying that's real. Used to confirm the Truth with a statement. Also can be said that it is a way to live your life, being truthful and honest.
Dude you trying to act like that ain't being true to yourself and Thatzreal.
by Pongdadong November 14, 2007
Another term for being Pwned or Owned. Being defeated or defeating someone else mainly a gaming or gamers terminology.
Dude that dude was G.I. Jwned on Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4.
by Pongdadong November 14, 2007
A term for Asian Pride, term used in a song, also can mean if you ever slept with an asian girl or asian guy.
Gotrice bitch? Did you get some rice last night from that chick.
by Pongdadong October 27, 2007
Another name for a twin screw supercharger.
I just installed whipple pushing 10 psi in my Cobra and smoked a Lambo.
by Pongdadong May 03, 2007

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