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Insecure male that horns in on any developing interaction another male has established with a female, an extremely embarrassing and pathetic event to watch. Cock blockers can also be a "cow herd" of "fuglies" around an attractive female they desperately cling to for a false sense of enhanced social status.
Despite Randy being a horrible cock blocker, Sarah still slipped Matt her phone number just before her cow herd enveloped her once again.
by Ponderpoint February 28, 2008
A domestic terrorist group in North America. Consists of young adults who are still living with (and off) their parents and desperately need to get a life. These individuals often posed as well informed ecology buffs but are actually to stupid to become useful to society in the medical or scientific community.
Jason was having a really good time belonging to ELF, torching cars and brand-new homes until the day his trust-fund would kick in.
by ponderpoint December 24, 2006
Motorcyclist that never gets off interstates or major state or Federal highways. Complains loudly to fellow bikers if any side trip is proposed or considered. Usually a novice biker that will end the hobby soon. Very unpleasant to ride with.
The pack finally realized that Kyle was a "square tire" and told him they would meet back up with him in the Davenport/Moline area
by ponderpoint August 18, 2009
A variation of the military title "colonel", basically meaning an individual, ex-military or civilian with too much ego with little or no experience to match, elevated to a position that screws everything (and everybody) up. Notoriously bad for business and customers. The term is especially used in the aviation industry.
The flight with hundreds of passengers was cancelled because the Kernel couldn't comprehend the piece of plastic trim on the window of row 22 didn't affect safety of flight issues and could, indeed continue.
by ponderpoint May 19, 2011
Porn that is "duped" (duplicated) from its original source and endlessy re-titled with junk websites touting things like "Free Viagra" or "Grow your penis larger" on free porn sites and re-appears endlessy as you scroll through the pages.
Like a strange ghost, the long deceased porn actress re-appeared endlessy in garbage roto porn postings on the free porn site.
by ponderpoint September 03, 2011
Individual that strives to stay fashionable and correct by warning others of global warming when they themselves have no basic grasp of earth science. These were the same type of individuals that warmed of global cooling in the 60's. When asked simple earth science questions like "what is the pleistocene epoch?", or "what was the name of the last ice age", they get defensive. When asked if they should be more worried about an asteroid, they giggle and say that's just in the movies.
The global alarmist warned of melting glaciers even though the professor of atmospheric science tried to tell him there are areas of increased glaciation in progress.
by Ponderpoint November 22, 2006
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