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A skinny cracked out looking girl that usually works at your local gas station or convenient store. She'll have bad teeth from smoking and lack of care. She looks about 10 years older than she actually is. Usually hangs out with the local wiggers and always has an angry look on her face. Can also be spotted at what ever local bar that scumbags hang out at. Old dudes and your slower friends may think shes kind of hot. There is at least one of these girls in every town and they never leave because they don't have a car. You can see by the way her face looks that shes never been anywhere and will never go anywhere.
Dude 1: Hey man did you see that new girl working at the gas station.

Dude 2: Yeah she has a bad case of Local Face
#trailer trash #small town #dirty whore #white trash #low class loser
by Pomack September 09, 2011
Any easy winter time trick to get an unwanted deep sleeping or passed out guy or girl out of your bed. Simply open up any windows in your bedroom remove the covers from them and wait until they're too cold to keep sleeping.
Dude 1: Man that girl just wouldn't wake up and get the hell out of my room. I made noise, moved around the bed even pushed her alittle.

Dude 2: So what did you do to get her out of there.

Dude 1: Just opened all the windows took the covers away and gave her the old freeze out
#rude awakening #mexican alarm clock #wake up #passed out #cold weather
by Pomack September 09, 2011
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