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South African slang interjection indicating disbelief, moral disgust, surprise. As in 'I don't believe what I am seeing.'

The stress falls on the first syllable, the /yi/ is a diphthong and the /o/ is pronounced as in "order"
Julius Malema and Helen Zille are at each others' throats yet again? Hayibo!
by Polly Glot December 07, 2010
In South Africa, a person of either gender of mixed racial heritage (previously known as "Coloured")

Mainstreamed from South African gay slang (Gayle)
Patricia de Lille is one sassy Chlora.

- Is this dude a pale nigga or a whitey with a tan?

- Neither, he's Chlora
by Polly Glot December 08, 2010
South African slang used by all ethnic groups. An appeal to reason, often ironic or sarcastic.

Interjection composed of "hau" - indicating surprise - and "marra", an Africanisation of the Afrikaans "maar", meaning "but". Often followed by "wena" or "uena", the emphatic/ accusative/ inclusive of the second person singular.
Hau marra, Sir, you are giving us too much homework these days!
by Polly Glot December 07, 2010
A city at the southern tip of Africa, known to native locals (fully 48% of the population) as 'Keep Taahn' (Southern Suburbs) or 'Keijp Tahun' (Mitchell's Plain).
Known to most other residents as 'Le Cap', and 'Kapstadt'. There are other people living there, but they are inexplicably invisible to tourists, to the government, and to the other locals.

Site of the famous landmark, Table Mountain ('Teeble Maaaaaahntayn' and 'Tijbl Myeentin' respectively).
Ve are goink to Cape Town for ze Dezember holiday, to stay in our leetle haus betveen Kylie's und Nina's in Constantia. Maybe ve vill climb ze Table Mountain.
by Polly Glot December 08, 2010
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