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What a very select few achieve. Mainly "claim" to be indie, but they really aren't. In a couple years indie will become old, and the people that are still there are the true indies. At the moment it is the cool thing to be, the people that are it don't even truly, deeply, respect the music, they are in it for the glory of being indie. Maybe.... I dunno. Anyway...yeah. The true indies are getting a bad rap from people who are poser indies. Die you poser scum, emo kids too.
I am indie. Truly indie. I can rattle off any fact about any band. I love the music. Emo kids go to hell. Ronnie Thrasher, too.
by Polly April 15, 2005
The act of eating soup straight out of a can, cold.

The act of inhaling your meal.
Tom yoganated his lunch today.
by Polly October 29, 2004
spluffin is a word i made up, used as an insult to replace mild mockeries of intelect. ie daft, stupid, idiot. but mostly used in a friendly way, not really for causing offence, just calling someone a name for the fun of it. like dipstick and numpty
james, jamie you are a spluffin.
jamie, sod off you numpty
by polly May 04, 2004
a mans butthole
I will shove this can up your ooni hole
by polly December 01, 2003
1. A nickname my friend and I have for
our baldheaded professor.
2. When someone is scalped, or has no
Prof. C has no hair, therefore he is a descalabrado.
by Polly July 30, 2003
A very rare bread of beautiful yet hilariously funny women
'That supermodel had me in hysterics, she is such an Isobel'
by Polly June 09, 2003
A private Christian school Pre-K-8th with very small classes. Known for its acedemics and three hot seniors that go there.
I attende Mullein Hill.
by Polly February 19, 2005

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