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2 definitions by Polizei

Occurs after eating at taco bell or similar establishment. Also after eating homemade burritos. Poop will come out runny, explosively, and last but not least, it will smell like absolute dog fart. Smell will generally be similar to the food's smell when it went down, especially if said food was from taco bell.

"Don't come near me, your taco poop stinks like f--kin s--t!"
by Polizei January 23, 2007
Should be spelled out Leetsauce. I invented the fackin word so this definition is the only real one. It means either someone or something is the fackin shit. It can also refer to my personal sauce collection in the refridgerator.
That shit is fackin 1337 sauce
by Polizei October 23, 2006