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Chair Rage (also Chair-Rage or Chairrage) - growing phenomenon where people in wheelchairs are seen to deliberately run wheelchairs, both manual and motorised, into and even over members of the public.

Instances witnessed where member of the public is knocked to the ground, the wheelchair run over them many times. Isolated reports of death have been reported with the wheelchair user stating "They had it coming!".

Research indicates a growing phenomenon, linked to growing militancy amongst wheelchair users with increased use of ultra high power electric wheelchairs. Disabled lobbiests claim this is to counteract what some wheelchair users see as excessively intrusive, patronising and fawning behaviour by able bodied people in public places.

The use of arm rests and notches cut in them to record the number of members of the Public so injured, has been linked to a growing gang culture amongst wheelchair users. The Pimping of wheelchairs to show such gang affiliation is also increasingly common.
Member of public in supermarket buying goods. They happen upon a wheelchair user and assist them by getting item from top shelf of the Dairy Section.

Member of the Public then ask out of curiosity, and in full exception of gratitude for their good deed, "Sorry to ask this, but, can You have sex?".

This results in a frenzied attack with the wheelchair used as a weapon, often resulting in injury and multiple wheel marks across the whole body - and even death.

Police advise caution in dealing with or approaching wheelchair users in all Dairy Sections and advise attendance of Police or other suitable law enforcement agency prior to any assistance being rendered or any form of question asked.

All dairy using wheelchair users to be treated with extreme caution.

Upon arrest the wheelchair user reports "they had it coming!" and pleads guilty to Chair Rage, receives full media attention and a book deal. Prosecution is dropped when the wheelchair users is found to not consume dairy products.

Member of public files claim for injury and losses due the the Juries view of lack of credibility of the claim - the angelic appearance of the wheelchair user in court is the deciding factor.
by PoliticalCripple July 22, 2010

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An Internet Sociopath - Netopath.

A Sociopath (Socialised Psychopath) uses the internet to pursue their psychologically dangerous behaviour, often across multiple internet venues.

A Netopath is not just a Troll and should not be confused with one. Trolls are disruptive whilst a Netopath appears none disruptive and seeks to control either an individual or group.

The hallmarks of the Netopath are Contemptuous, Self Approving, Authoritarian, Secretive, Paranoid, Avoid being in trouble with the law, Conventional appearance, seek to control and enslave so others act for them, Exercises despotic control, Have an emotional need to justify their conduct, seek out and create willing victims, Are Incapable of real human attachment, do not feel remorse or guilt, are extremely narcissistic and grandiose.

Many instances of Internet Bullying and Harassment are caused by a Netopath - and where there is Group Bullying or Mobbing there is invariably a Netopath at the centre using others as lieutenants to be the Public Face of the Netopath and to allow The Netopath to act as a puppet master and manipulate others so that the Netopath has the least obvious profile within The Group.

A Netopath may be anonymous or very public in who they are - and a Public Netopath is the most dangerous.

Once a Netopath is identified the will often seek revenge for their public unmasking - and they will bear grudges indefinitely and may remain dangerous and seeking revenge for many years.
That nutjob is attacking me on net venue A, B, C, D... and they just won't stop. Is she a Netopath?

I keep asking this Troll to explain their views, and they keep changing the subject and a coming out with more rubbish. Are they a Netopath?

I've just had another email from The Netopath linking to their latest attack on another net forum. I wish they would stop harassing me!

This mobbing is getting out of hand. I can't post anything on the net without it being attacked by the lunatics - and then one gang member makes out they are being nice to me. Is that the Netopath in the charge of the mob?
by PoliticalCripple January 16, 2010

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