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3 definitions by PolishKing

In Polish it is an abbevation for "Huj W Dupe Policji" which litteraly means "Dick up the Police's Ass", but all it means is simple "Fuck the Police". Throught Poland people put HDWP as grafitti on walls, building etc. It is a huge part of the hip-hop culture and basically it's a part of the culture of Poland itself. It is popular to say "Jebac Policje, Tylko Bog Moze Nas Sadzic", which is apparently stolen from 2pac's "Fuck the police, only God can Judge Us"
Old Bitch 1 - Hello my dear, how are you?
Old Bitch 2 - Oh, my God, I saw HWDP on the wall again, why do all the Polish Kids hate the Police?
************** ************** ************* ****************
Guy 1 - Man, i hate the cops
Guy 2 - Yeah, HWDP
by PolishKing April 02, 2006
Means "foul word" in Polish. There are many foul words in the Polish language. Its vocabulary is various. Some words mean one exact thing, but some have different meanings
Kurwa, Kurwa Mac, Pierdolic (ja Pierdole! means "fuck" or "shit" reffering to the situation), huj w dupe (dick up the ass, when you say "huj ci w dupe" it means FUCK YOU) and many many others

person1 - Kurwa mac, ja pierdole!!
person2 - Musisz takie wulgaryzmy uzywac?

#1 - Fuck, Shit!
#2 - Do you have to swear like that?
by PolishKing April 02, 2006
Literally in Polish it means "spear", but in some parts of Poland teenagers use it when they are in the need to run. It comes from the word spear, because just like it, it has to be long and fast to get away from the cops, gangbangers etc. When refering to the word, you use "walic dzide" zamiast "uciekac dzida" ("to hit the spear" instead of "run the spear")
Dzida! Policja idzie
Spear! The cops are comming
by PolishKing April 02, 2006