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A combover wanker is a new wave of asshole, they usually have a combover and talk about "swag" alot. They refer to "lad culture" regularly, yet they don't realise that getting clap at a house party and using yolo as an excuse to be a dick isn't "lad culture". They are commonly found in the age gap 14-25. They can be identified by their hair, snapbacks, ironic band shirts and share a mentality similar to the common hipster. They like to attack people who aren't "combover wankers" and often put these "attacks" on vine to get likes. They also try to latch on to other peoples things, for example, many combover hipsters wear baggy jeans and call theirselves "indie", despite the fact that they only ever heard a stone roses song once in their car with their dad one time when they were ten. These people are also similar to the cretins seen on shows like towie or made in Chelsea.
(Jon turns up wearing a nirvana shirt)
Peter: hey I like your shirt, are you a nirvana fan?
Jon: oh yeah I love teen spirit
Peter: I'm a kurt cobain fan myself
Jon: who the fucks kurt cobain I found this shirt at a house party,yolo!
Jon is a Combover wanker
by Polish Paul June 13, 2013
Taking 3 strokes to hit your golf ball 25 yards with a hybrid rescue club
Ron duffed his tee shot and then proceeded to do a Gustaf and ended up taking a ten on the 11th hole at River Creek.
by polish paul July 16, 2008
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