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Whenever you stop in your tracks and smell the air and it appears dead fish is rotting near by, that is sweaty stripper crotch.
Stewy was playing with laura all day with a basketball and at the end he grabbed laura by the shoulder and spoke "i didn't know there was a fish harbor nearby," Laura blushed and said, "oh i have sweaty stripper crotch.
by Polish Avenger June 11, 2006
When you're a preteen and you feel a little rambunctious and horny and the rents go in your room to pick up the laundry an find hard boxers from last night's fun....oh they know....they always know what you did.
Little Timmy shoved his cardboard boxers into Dorothy's face making her smell his dehydrated love juice.

My mother found the cardboard boxers from when i fooked Betsy in the back seat of my minivan....
by Polish Avenger April 24, 2006
Women, who when their nipples become erect, exert an extremely long nipple length giving the illusion of a baby's pinky.
Did you see Leda's nipples? THOSE WERE THE BIGGEST BABY'S PINKY i've ever seen! Ice cubes rock.....

Dude, her baby's pinky is shooting through that bikini top!!
by Polish Avenger April 24, 2006
1) A fugly chick so horrid only the Blind will smile at that baish.

2) need for the use of a blindfold to forget about the vision of one ugly succubus.
* Timmy had some Blind Man's Pleasure with Tina after having acid poured into his eyes.
*Thankfully i had a paperbag handy to enjoy some Blind Man's Pleasure after seeing a face that looks like Carmen Electra after getting beatin in the face, scarred with a butcher knife, bitten by a rat, and pissed on.
by Polish Avenger January 27, 2006
When a man goes down on a woman for some of the "clam chowder soup" ya know...."eatin some sweet n' sour sushi" and she is occupying chlamydia unbeknownst to the gentleman giving her the "lap dance" of her life with his tongue. a few weeks later, the man starts foaming at the mouth, shaking his head furiously spitting the foam in a manner such as....say a mad dog? to complete the procedure one must scream "MAD DOG" in the voice of peewee herman.
Annette gave me the mad dog!!!!

Dude...i didn't wanna say anything, but wipe your mouth man, shits comin out worse than the mad dog.
by Polish Avenger July 23, 2006
As the guy is exploding from his tip, he flings his erection into the girls throat, spreading his fluids all over her face, as well as gagging her instantly. she begins to cough and choke, and the appearance looks as though she coughed up a bunch of phlegm.
hehe, she didn't know what hit her once i gave her a piece of the old smoker's breath.

Who knew you could die from second hand smoker's breath?
by Polish Avenger July 24, 2006

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