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2 definitions by Polish, nail

to have traits that are more often associated with traditional feminine behaviour, conduct, style and gender roles rather than masculine behaviour, conduct, style and roles.

Pertaining to a general state of feebleness, a lack of strength, durability or vigor.
Tim: I don't know about that guy, he shaves his arm and paints his nails

Steven: Yeah, he is rawinski
by Polish, nail February 11, 2010
Noun: 1. A man who is always extremely thirsty but never hungry.

Noun: 2. A person who cannot be beaten at any drinking games/competitions

Verb: To smash vodka
Xav: What do you mean he did a double centurion!!?!

Tom: Yeah I know, that's why he's poleish
by Polish, nail February 17, 2010