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A country that has really got their shit together. They have not been directly involved in a war for almost 200 years.

Say what you want about it being cold and dark but Sweden beats the United States it a lot.

Also proof that democratic socialism CAN work and is NOT evil. America could get a lot more done if people here were not scared of the word "socialism" and if the top 2% could quit complaining about paying taxes that they CAN EASILY AFFORD to pay, and realize that the tax money will go to things like health care and education that will improve life for everybody.
Sweden has one of the highest human development index rankings in the world and is one of the least corrupt countries. Same sex marriage is also legal in all of Sweden.
by Polexia April 27, 2011
1. What kids with physical, mental, and sometimes emotional disabilities that are severe enough to interfere with their abilities to preform in the mainstream curriculum are put in.

2. Where they stick you if you don't "learn" the way your supposed to. Students who don't learn by sitting in a desk and copying notes and mindlessly memorizing words are often put in special ed so that the teachers of the class the student is struggling in don't have to put up with the student. In these cases students are often put in a resource class of some sort were they are apparently taught how to learn properly. Some kids in these cases do have actually ADD or something like that. Kids in these kinds of special ed classes can actually be very intelligent.

There are different levels of special ed that range from courses for kids with severe mental retardation to courses with the regular curriculum at a slower or modified pace. A student can be in all special ed classes or just in a few and do fine in his/her other mainstream classes. Special ed shouldn't be in insult.
1. My younger brother is severely autistic so they put him in special ed. He's actually doing quite well now.

2. Teacher: Because you can't sit still for 45 minutes and mindlessly take notes on and memorize useless words every day on a subject you have no interest in without interacting with anyone or doing anything else you need to take a resource period now. You will learn how to be organized, complete homework on time, study, manage time, and write essays. You will also set goals for yourself, we have already set some for you. You will have a 45% more positive attitude and you will write down all your assignments 95% of the time.

Student: I actually dont need this, i know how to do that stuff. Its just that i learn a bit differently and you can't really change the way my mind works.

Teacher: Thats the negative attitude that you need to stop!

Student: *facepalm*
by Polexia December 14, 2009
Alternative is a genre of music that emerged in the late 70s/early 80s and became popular in the 90s. The term "alternative" was coined in the 80s to discribe punk influenced, but hard to label college and or indie rock bands such as Violent Femmes, or The Pixies. Alternative became popular in the early 90s when bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Red Hot Chili Pepperswhere discovered by the mainstream music industry and MTV (witch played music at the time.)

Alternative is NOT: pop rock bands such as fall Out Boy simple Plan, Metro Station, Panic At the Disco or Paramore. Those bands lack the origanal content and creativeity that real alternative bands have.
11 year old girl: so what kind of music do you like?

Me: mostly alternative


Me:umm, i whouldn't call that alternative.

11 year old girl: well what alternative music do you like then?

me: Radiohead, Nirvana, R.E.M, The Pixies, Violent Femmes,Pearl Jam, etc.

by Polexia October 09, 2008
A "teacher" who doesn't actually know how to teach so he/she just has students read out of the textbook, memorize vocab words from the textbook and answer review questions from the textbook. Now many "textbook teachers" often use documentaries in place or with of the textbook. On rare cases a decent teacher will resort to a textbook teacher like teaching strategy because the class is to immature to handle anything else, but in 90% of cases the teacher is just lazy or stupid. These teachers classes are undoubtedly the most boring classes you'll have, and make an ideal period for napping, texting, and finishing work for other classes.
Steve: Wow, that chemistry experiment was so awesome, that kid who sits next to me almost lit the whole room on fire. It was sick! Did your class do it?

Joe: No we just read the directions for the experiment in the textbook in class. Mr. Smith is kind of a textbook teacher.

Steve: That sucks.
by Polexia December 14, 2009
An atheist whose obnoxiousness rivals that of an evangelical christian. They are determined to shove their beliefs in everyone's faces in the same way that evangelical christians are. Many of them claim they hate religion because it makes people think they are better than everyone else and people force it on others, while they do the same thing with their beliefs.
See Bill Maher

Bill Maher is a evangelicatheist.
by Polexia April 27, 2011
Texas is a state that, for some unknown reason is full of people who think it is the best state ever and all the other states are not real states. These people go on urban dictionary and post definitions about how great Texas is and how we “shouldn’t mess with Texas” and that “it’s the only state worthy of even making a definition of” then all the other Texans come and give it a thumbs up.

Also the state that uses the death penalty most.
Texan: I’m from Texas! Don’t mess with Texas it’s the best state ever!

Normal non Texan: well Texas has some issues such as high amounts of drug use and child abusers. It also has it’s good things such as authentic Mexican food, but I certainly wouldn’t call it the best state ever.

Texan: hey shut up! We can kick your ass!

Normal non Texan: See that’s the issue, it has a violent subculture.
by Polexia March 20, 2008

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