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Contracted form of "vagina logic".
Pronounced "vaj loj".

Describes an idea of, or action undertaken by, a woman or women that has no basis in common sense, reason or reality. Typically, such idea or action is clearly incorrect or illogical in the mind(s) of any man/men present, but makes perfect sense to any and all of the women present.
"My wife seized the engine in her car this morning. When I asked her if the oil light ever came on she said that it had been on for awhile, but if there was a problem she thought it would blink faster or make noise or something. Fucking vag-log!"
by PolarTurbo February 16, 2009
The feeling of remorse or regret one gets after having sex with someone.
"At the time I thought it was a good idea to have sex with my ex-girlfriend. However, after we finished and she talked about starting the relationship again I had major boner's remorse."
by PolarTurbo July 27, 2009
(noun) a large/thick/chunky/big girl/fat chick/BBW. Because she doesn't have the same good looks as a skinny girl, she puts in more effort to get the interest of guys by being nicer to them. A tries-harder will often buy guys drinks, make them food and give incredible blow jobs.
Dude that big girl over there is a total tries-harder. Nathan hit it last weekend and after she gave him incredible head she actually made him a sandwich!
by Polarturbo May 13, 2011

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