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Home to the greatest university in the world, Oklahoma State. Also home to the World Famous Eskimo Joes Bar and Grill.
Guy 1-I'm going to Stillwater to party tonight.
Guy 2-Yeah, Stillwater kicks ass.
by Poke April 03, 2005
Something completely obvious. Something only a complete fuckin moron would not have known or been able to guess.
Dude 1: Hey, beer is good!
Dude 2: Well, that's kinda a no shitter dontcha think?
by Poke March 22, 2005
Is currently going out with Chris Pounce and in my opinion is extremely fit, woop woop.
Guy1: Hey look it's Meatball!
Guy2: Ooh I'm horny, let's go to our seperate houses and masturbate.
Guy1: Good idea.
by Poke December 29, 2004
The absolute best city in the great state of Oklahoma, rivaled only by Stillwater, which is home to the best university in the nation, OSU.
I used to think OKC was the best city in Oklahoma, then I visited Tulsa and knew I had been horribly misguided.
by Poke March 23, 2005
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