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3 definitions by Poiuyt

An expression used to describe something or someone as generic or easy to find.
"Jobs at fast food restaurants are a dime a dozen these days."
by Poiuyt October 25, 2003
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Arguably the most violent movie ever made. Was banned in many countries upon its initial release in 1971.
Parents: Don't let your kids see this. Kids: Rent this at a video store without your parents' permission.
"How did you like A Clockwork Orange?"
"It was good, although I almost threw up after watching the first 10 minutes."
by Poiuyt October 28, 2003
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butt fuck, anal sex, inserting a penis into a butt hole...u get it
My boyfriend and I sporked last night and it really hurt.
by poiuyt January 07, 2006
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