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To release air out of the vagina such as a sound similar to flatelation is exerted
I Fucked Simi's mom so hard and so long that after a few minutes she couldn't help but queef.
by PoiSoN March 06, 2003
Someone who insults homos/gays
Dude your such a fucking faggot go get a life u fucking faggot, go suck a chode u dick loving treehugger.
by Poison October 18, 2004
abreviation for the Tony Hawk game Tony hawk's Pro skater, including THPS1, THPS2, THPs3, THPS4, and the Tony Hawk's Underground series (thug) including, Thug1 and Thug2.
Hey nig, lets go on Thug and hit up the style nig no whutimsayin niggum?!
by Poison October 18, 2004
what evoke says to describe badly executed short messages over cellphones
(14:04:50) Evoke: and I absolutely hate lamte txts.. like fucking texts from matt last night, it took me twenty minutes just to figure out what they said
by poison May 07, 2005
A ring given for a wedding present.
Hey hun, I bot u an assring for ur wedding?
by Poison October 18, 2004
Another way to spell the word shit-n-shit.
by Poison April 17, 2004

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