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Camping, as defined above, is the strategy of sitting in a single stragic spot, waiting for someone to come into your vision, however, it should be noted that camping is not always a fair strategy.

Some campers will camp an area where it is nearly impossible to be killed if they refuse to move. An example would be squating behind a box in an enclosed room with a single entrance. An opponent would have to position himself infront of the doorway without any cover, and try to hit the small ammount of the camper that is visible. In this way, the camper can get kill after kill, even when his position is known, and in 1 on 1 matches, this would become very frustrating and ruin the game for the opponent.
by Poh Tay Toez August 27, 2005
A silent, stealthy, jewish assassin. Skilled in jew-fu and the art of throwing stars of David.

Often prays on Nazis.
Nazi: Ok, so a Rabbi walks into a bar, and orders---
Ninjew: *STRIKE*

by Poh Tay Toez July 12, 2005
Having a higher content of Mountain Dew in the blood.
I did super crazy awesome on that exam.

by Poh Tay Toez July 13, 2005
In the world of multiplayer gaming, to babysit is to constantly watch a often frequented spot, generally from afar, such as a weapon respawn, spawn point, or entrance, and recieve most of your points from kills in that area.
Hey, Dale, you really like that spot, don't you. Why don't you play the game like it's meant to be played?
by Poh Tay Toez August 27, 2005

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