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a local phrase used in Hawaii for fighting in a hopeless cause; struggling to the bitter end;
losing a fight in a winning effort.
He was still swimming against the current, but he's not going to make it: kill fight, already.
by PoetryWithoutANet May 23, 2009
being obsessed with exercise; being nervously anxious to exercise all the time.
That girl who works out five times a day must have aerobic nervosa.
by PoetryWithoutANet May 10, 2009
the pleasurable experience that is personally virtuous but publicly shameful.
the Blisphemy of having to really:

go to the bathroom; blow your nose; spit; or make any bodily sound; swear obscenities; occasionally indulge in any excess like eating, sleeping etc.
by PoetryWithoutANet May 10, 2009
Local phrase used in Hawaii: when someone makes a decision that is wrong from the beginning; fatal mistake; fundamentally wrong to achieve desired goal
George Bush's decision to invade Iraq was wrong already.
by PoetryWithoutANet May 23, 2009
It is the experience of suffering from those objects which one projects human feelings onto.
from the word anthropomorphic- but is the consequence of being injured or intimidated by those very same animate and/or inanimate objects one attaches human emotions too.
From the Poem, Anthropomorphicide by
Poetry Without a Net.
I can't stand the anthropomorphicide my computer is waging against me, . . . conspiring with my telephone!
by PoetryWithoutANet May 10, 2009
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