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Gangsta's that attract extra attention from the police or PoPo

Example One:

Man1: Hey man! wheres Tommo been?

Man2: He's been laying low, he did some shit now hes a real Po Po Magnet

Example 2:

Shannon and Mick are the biggest Po Po Magnets around, they are the biggest dissers in the ghetto

by PoPo Dickman September 07, 2008
When you need to do a shit badly; but then suddenly disappears only to come back an hour later with extreme force

may result in shitting yourself or a poo tickle
Example One:
Aw man! i was with Bek last night and we started messing around...and wen she took off my pants i had a surprise shit ambush!

Example Two:
The other day John was trying to play a joke on me and mooned me from his car; only to have the joke on him wen he bent over and had a shit ambush all over his steering wheel

by PoPo Dickman November 03, 2008

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