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the celetic/ irish word for "rulers" or "monarchs".
usually asscosiated with last names, but it has been known that a handful of amazing people have had this as their first name. People with Gollogly as their last name are often extremely loyal, strong willed, highly educated, refined but not pretencious, and born leaders. If you ever meet a Gollogly you should thank them... they'll probably end up being your boss or future ruler.
Just saying....
-" Uh, Goll- googley- golleeeglee???"
- Uh actually it's GOLLOGLY.
- "Oh, please forgive me. I didn't know! Right this way your excellence!!!"
- Don't worry. I'm a gracious enough Gollogly to forgive you.
by Po Kumon November 02, 2010
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