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The dankest place in life you will ever hear of. The Kids that live in overlea are so hardcore and dank and everyone is jealous of them. Overlea kids are usually specified in a particular group, and if you are in this group, rep the big O with pride homie. Also, Ovelea kids are known for no one ever having faith in them and , its pretty much an amazing feeling. They are also to be said to have no priorities, well..its true, and its the best feeling in the world. Overlea Kids also,
-party harder then anyone else
-have more fun then everyone else
-are more hard core then everyone
-are known to be peace-love-joy kids
-will take you out in a second if you mess with their hood
-are amazing running from the po po
- spit better game then any kid from compton
-are better then anyone at everything they try in life, but usually are so used to it that they dont care.
this is just a minor summary of overlea, but if you read this and are reppin the big O, show your pride brosef.
Jaynell: wow P$ and Boznut are really cool cats
Alissa: remember, they do live in overlea
Jaynell:man no wonder they are so amazing. I dont know how I didnt know that
by Pmuns June 20, 2006
when youre retarted and cant say corn pop.
Often used as a dirty word but has a very innocent meaning
who keeps throwing porn cops at me?!

screenname4: I think im a good kid
screenname: no sex not drugs not alc no porn cops
screenname: yea id say ur half decent
by Pmuns March 20, 2007
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